GHIS aims to form sustainable partnerships with relevant stakeholders as the cornerstone of a business relationship that can stand the test of time and focus on:


  • Best Interests Of The Company - Always!
  • Win with Honesty, Integrity & Trust
    >> Always retain the moral high ground
    >> Want a Strong Market Share


  • Patient Care is Our Product
  • Very Service Orientated
  • Practice Outcomes Based Medicine
  • Quality Assurance Programs
    >> “Hi Touch, Hi Care, Hi Tech”


  • Partnership vs. Ownership
  • Doctors are Key to Success
  • Work with successful and reputable entrepreneurs


  • Attract & Select Best Resources
  • Be the Employer/Partner of Choice
  • Build, Recognize & Reward Staff
  • Devolution of Responsibility & Accountability to lowest levels
  • Incentive Driven with Deliverables

Operational Efficiency

  • Benchmark Best of Breed
  • Best Operating Practices
  • Fanatical Attention to Detail
  • Deliver or Die
  • We Can Always Do Better


  • Not scared to touch the future – World Firsts
  • Differentiate through flexibility and creativity
  • Solution Orientated Leader

...and have FUN!!