Unique & Comprehensive Offering

Unique Offering

Experience in Multiple Healthcare Sectors:

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostics[Radiology/Pathology]
  • Primary Care
  • Practice Management
  • Medical Staffing/Training
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Dialysis
  • Oncology/Radiotherapy
  • Center of Excellence
  • Genetics
  • Pharma Distribution
  • EMS[Call Center/Road/Aeromedical]
  • Public Pvt. Partnerships
  • Specialty Pharma
  • Specialized Dentistry
  • Long Term Care/Rehabilitation
  • Administration
  • Hospital Development
  • Managed Care/TPA
  • Specialized Doctor Centers
  • Healthcare IT
  • Healthcare Education
  • R & D – Clinical Trials
  • Mining industries
  • Wellness Programs
  • Home Care
  • Pharma Manufacturer
  • Medical Tech/Devices
  • Occupational Health
  • Optometry

Fundamentals — Better Care to more People

  • Innovative tailored solutions for particular healthcare related challenges and projects
  • Flexible integrated healthcare model successfully devised, implemented and proven in relevant markets
  • Regimen of best practices, protocols, formularies, clinical pathways and outcomes
  • Ensure service excellence
  • Act as a repository of knowledge, data and information
  • Delivery of cost effective quality healthcare services
  • Be the lowest cost provider of quality healthcare

Comprehensive Offering


  • Injection of Capital & Financial Expertise
  • Improve Margins, Profits & Cash Flow
  • Focus on Shareholder Wealth Creation


  • Experience across various HC Sectors
  • Investor / Doctor / Patient / Financier confidence
  • Advisory Board of Global Healthcare Experts


  • Track Record of delivery and sustained growth
  • Work with incentive driven Management teams
  • Accelerate Growth +++


  • Cost effective planning & design
  • Unique Doctor Centric Integrated Model
  • Proven Behavior Modification Programs
  • Successful Leadership Strategies
  • Integrated Funding Model to improve Affordability & Access
  • Implemented & Proven PPP models

Creating Real Value (1996 — 2006)

  • Compound Annual Growth Rates > 30% (over 10 year period)
  • Market Capitalization $40 Million » > $3.5 Billion
  • Valuable lessons learnt over the years following gratifying successes and few failures

Corporate and Social Initiatives


Working Together to Add Meaningful & Sustainable Value

Following years of experience in organizational management, corporate governance and business development, GHIS has selected certain non-invasive, yet effective means of partnering investees and business associates in adding meaningful value. Without being prescriptive, these generally include the following broad elements:

  • Partnering with business leaders, rather than being involved in daily management or operations;
  • Invest in human capital and always look for business leaders and management teams who are entrepreneurial to be able to build their businesses;
  • Assist companies that GHIS invests in with their strategies, as well as corporate and tactical agendas within the mandate of the Board of Directors and Management.

Incremental value adding areas of support have historically also included:

Corporate Governance

  • Participation in identifying independent board members: In effectively supporting unquestionable corporate governance protocols and upon defining the roles of the board members, GHIS is able to assist with tapping its network and relationships to put forward credible candidates who can contribute through their expertise.
  • Strengthening of management: In working closely with the company executives and CEOs, GHIS is able to enhance the executive management to support sustainable growth and development.


  • Sharing experiences in operational excellence: As businesses encounter rapid growth, valuable expertise is provided in ensuring organizations maintain the operational infrastructure and people in line with the growth through investing in people, processes, technology and infrastructure.

Corporate Development

  • Identifying, formulating and effecting vertical and horizontal integration and alliances: GHIS is able to assist in identifying and negotiating concentric growth opportunities through partnerships, joint-ventures, agreements, and strategic stakeholder relationships.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: As most developed businesses require a formulated blend of organic and acquisitive growth to achieve their strategic goals, the extensive experience that GHIS has in the areas of corporate transactions and M&A are valuable in achieving these objectives.
  • Corporate Finance: Assist with the provision of financial, legal and statutory assistance in the following areas:
    >> Mergers and acquisitions
    >> New business development
    >> Feasibility analyses
    >> Finance matters relating to the companies

    through areas including, but not limited to:

    >> Financial modeling
    >> Proposals and Offer structures
    >> Negotiations
    >> Due diligence
    >> Corporate Governance


  • Access to capital: Simultaneous with the expansion of any businesses is the use and application of appropriate forms of finance. The networks of equity, debt and hybrid financial partners that GHIS has successfully partnered in the past are an invaluable source of ensuring sufficient capital adequacy and the right capital source to finance the company’s operational and strategic initiatives over the appropriate funding term.


  • Improved Corporate Communications and reporting: Essential to the success of any organization is effective COMMUNICATION. GHIS provides essential support in assisting to ensure the timeous and transparent dissemination of meaningful information to the investment and broader community in terms of the parameters as set out by the appropriate governing bodies and guidelines on Corporate Governance so as to ensure that all information required in order to properly value the organization is in the Public domain. This is delivered by assisting with the strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other stakeholders, which ultimately contributes to a company’s securities achieving fair valuation.